STMPD Sounds Volume 1.

STMPD Sounds Volume 1.

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  • 21 Presets (Serum)
  • 55 Vocal chants and phrases
  • 111 Drums samples (incl. top loops, fills and fooley)
  • 31 Synths samples (synth melodies, shots, fills and arps)
  • 34 Bass samples (shots, fills and drops)
  • 62 FX samples (ambience, risers, sweeps and misc)
  • 10 Atmospheric Field Recordings


    We're proudly presenting STMPD Sounds Volume 1. Are you ready to elevate your music production to the next level? If so, then you need to get your hands on STMPD Sounds Volume 1, our first sample pack for music producers inspired by the iconic STMPD RCRDS sound and quality. With over 200 instrumental and sound samples, 55 vocal samples, and a whopping 21 Serum presets, this pack is packed with everything you need to create songs with punchy basslines, soaring melodies, and crisp percussion that will make your tracks stand out from the crowd. Its trailer contains 4 example songs that are fully made with samples just from the pack. Want to create a different style? The included samples are versatile enough to be used to create a variety of genres, from future bass to deep house to progressive house. So grab your copy of STMPD Sounds Volume 1 today and start making your music!

    The Trailer