Justin Mylo Producer Pack

Justin Mylo Producer Pack

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  • A 105 minute, detailed 4K masterclass of Justin Mylo - Chasing Shadows
  • The original project file for Justin Mylo - Chasing Shadows
  • 100+ Signature Samples (including Kicks, Arps, Bass (Loops & One-Shots), Drums (Loops, Fills, Percussion), FX & Ambiance, Guitar Loops, Synth Loops, Vocal Chops
  • 20+ Pre-sets for Serum, Sylenth, Massive and Spire
  • FX Chains
  • Project Files for Ableton, Logic X and FL Studio*


    The second STMPD RCRDS producer pack is here, and this time label frequenter Justin Mylo is sharing in-depth knowledge about the production of one of his biggest songs ‘Chasing Shadows’. The producer pack contains loads of his signature sounds, presets, and more. In the 105 minute masterclass, he takes you through all the steps of the creation process of ‘Chasing Shadows’ and how he works towards the final product. If that wasn’t enough, he also shares the original Logic project file of Chasing Shadows in this amazing producer pack. Working in a different DAW? No worries, as we also have converted project files for both Ableton and FL Studio.*

    *The original Logic Project file is included. The other project files are imitated in Ableton, Logic, and FL Studio so you can open them without having to own any third-party VSTs. To open the project file, you require the latest version of each DAW (April 2021). Then you can source the samples from within the sample pack.

    The Masterclass